What 2 Know...

Ancient Futurism is the past, present and the future. It is best explained in the newly (to modern man) grasped idea of a Space Time Continuum and the Existence of the 4th Dimension. The space in where the unseen can be seen. Today, many beings, events and places are showing us the signs of the existence of the 4th Dimension. The beings, the spaces and places that exist in this dimension are here from the Ancient (through) the Future. An Ancient Futurist, often appearing here in the third dimension, is an Artist of Disciplines (anyone who is actively involved in a state of Creation). An Ancient Futurist often has the exceptional ability to bring the unseen to the seen. An Ancient futurist will probe through the archives of urban culture...re-assembling, re-examining, and re-telling the true sanctified story of the current coming of age.

As an Ancient futurist we ambulate between this dimension and the 4th Dimension and beyond

In this space now, as a WEB PORTAL, we will exclusively offer work that will give you a peek into these other dimensions through the arts. The images, once released into this realm, will only be offered for a limited time in a limited edition. Once the images have been archived from this dimension there will be no return through this Portal.

Please join us and take advantage of your opportunity to receive your connectivity to and remembrance of THE ANCIENT FUTURE.

Our intention is to luxuriate the collaborations and share light-filled transmissions to your heart, always.

As you feel it, see it, share it!